Building Features

Building Features

Note: Five additional floors have been added to The Beach Club tower, making both towers equal in height.

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Distinctive Architectural Design

Palisade Palms consists of a phased enclave of tall, slender, elegant, point towers. The aspect of slenderness for each tower allows for many possibilities and advantages in design. The primary advantage is that all units within the typical floor plate have a sweeping view of the Gulf. Because of their height the views are even more exciting. All units have large private terraces which allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors without infringing on the units next door.

The towers sit atop three levels of elevated parking, and are connected by a podium lobby that opens up onto the pool deck. The unique, radial design provides for 288 spacious suites, ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. The original floor plans, created by an internationally renowned design team, were designed for waterside living, with expansive terraces, outdoor summer kitchen options, and large windows offering exceptional views of the Gulf.

The façade boasts floor to ceiling tinted glazing with a Limestone colored concrete podium, terrace enclosures and cornice elements. The building is set in a classic architectural sculptured form solid at the base anchoring it to the ground, the mid-rise element reaches to the sky and an elegant slender top, caps the building in a modern skyline landmark feature.

Virtually every room in every suite claims a waterfront view. This is due to our design approach of creating these buildings as point towers. The small floor plate produces a compact core of elevators and stairs with units essentially encircling them. This ensures that corridors to the individual units are essentially eliminated. Moreover, each floor has very few units, which means there is greater privacy for those residents.

Architecturally, the buildings of Palisade Palms incorporate the modern aspects of large expanses of glass into a classic composition of architectural pilasters, columns and cornices. The result provides a high textured exterior, starting from a strong base, then rising verticals of glass panels and terraces, terminating above large cornices with penthouses offering large terraces which step back to a background of glass. Each building is accentuated at the top with a series of decorative forms which complement the overall design as well as identify the unique project that is Palisade Palms as a landmark site destination.

Special care has been given to the drop off and arrival area which is spatially separated from the service and loading areas. This design has allowed for a magnificent two-story lobby to look directly out to the ocean view. One’s eye only has to travel along the pool deck, pool area and flow over its virtual falling water edge to gaze out into the ocean.

The buildings, as staged in their paired twin point tower design, coupled with club-class amenities, will create a new featured landmark as a luxurious residential community on Galveston Island.