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Palisade Palms
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Falcon Group

For the past 25 years, Houston-based Falcon Group has developed numerous award-winning projects throughout the country. This full-service real estate development company has a proven track record in commercial, residential, industrial and retail development in the Austin, Houston and Galveston areas, as well as in West Palm Beach, Florida and Columbia, South Carolina.

Mission Statement:

As time has tempered and strengthened our awareness of the evolving nature of the real estate business, our mission has remained the same for the past 25 years:

"Strive to create value and excellence for tomorrow,
within an envelope of integrity and fairness today."

Sensitivity to and complexity of development issues has never demanded more than today. Implicit to the nature of development is the need to nurture and foster a keen awareness of our environment, in concert with balancing the impact of defined market needs against the impact that such development renders. Falcon Group has successfully mastered this art by championing a myriad of factors that define success in the craft of real estate development. It is this balance that has set Falcon Group apart as leader in the real estate industry.

With the wisdom and experience of yesterday, coupled with a keen vision of mandates and priorities today, Falcon Group strives to create value and excellence for tomorrow. As every project remains a part of our legacy, each development is a signature of our efforts, reputation, and dedication to excellence.

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To learn more about the Falcon Group, please visit www.falcongroup.com